Photo Initiation Full day-Atelier

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How would you feel about learning the basics of photography in an amazing photography-devoted afternoon and night?


In LisbonPhotographer we have the right Atelier for you!

Photo Initiation Full day-Atelier


The Weekend-Atelier starts in the afternoon when you will learn the basics of photographic technique and the very-important framing and composition, which will take you to an afternoon of practical field-exercises. When the night starts to approach, the scope of the practical exercise changes setting and light, and a moment of night photography and creative techniques will be shown to you.

After such a full day the only thing you need is to charge you batteries and your camera.


Step by step, what will you find in LisbonPhotographer’s Photo Initiation Atelier Day:


 Indoors & Outdoors

Theory and examples:

  • Brief introduction to Photography and Genres
    • History, examples, genres (Photo-reportage, Essay, Still-life, Creative Photography, Landscape, etc.)
  • Photographic Technique:
    • Manual exposure and its possibilities (aperture and shutter-speed), manual selective focusing, depth of field, white balance, etc.

  • Framing and Composition:
    • Learn the basic rules of making a photographic story (relation between images and chromatic/compositional coherence; and the rules of composition (rule of thirds, strong points





  • Accompanied by your instructor photographer, you will put to practice all that you have learnt in the morning, going for a field practice starting with reportage in Feira-da-Ladra, and then Down the Hill in Alfama to explore your creative photographer side, accordingly to the theme you choose for your work 


Night: Outdoors


  • After a small break, and depending on the time of the year (because of changes in the sunset time), we will meet once more, but now to explore a different world in photography that night brings to us. You will learn how to set you material to photograph correctly by night, and will learn some of the most interesting and creative nocturnal photography techniques.






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To define: May  

Min: 2 participants
Max: 6 participants

Price: 90 € per person
Duration:  approx. 6 hours


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