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Photo Tours

From orientation to the private course, we offer you a workshop or tour that... we define together!

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We will help you to choose what drives you and what you would love to explore with photography: 

Specific technique ...
A style to develop ...
A concept photograph ...
An atmosphere to grasp ...
Try analogue photography ...
Return to the black and white ...
An photo-excursion outside Lisbon for one or several days ...
To boost your photographic creativity ... or ...

 Let us know, and let's make it happen!

Price: (direct quotation)
Duration: (variable)

Book your tour!

Book your tour!

If you choose more than one language that you are comfortable with, we will have more dates available for you.

Please inform us of any special need/request.All the information sent will only be used by "LisbonPhotographer" for the purpose of booking and communication with you, and will not be shared or used for any advertising purpose. Thank you.

Contact Us

You can easily get in touch with us:

by email... booking@phototourslisbon.com 

or mobile... +351 933 139 785

(we speak portuguese, english, spanish, french and german)