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Where did you land? Let us share our Lisbon with you. Discover one of the most interesting activities while visiting Lisbon. Have an amazing time.


Lisbon has been, ever since, a city of exploration and exchange. In its early ages, the city has seen the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Suebi, the Visigoths, the Moors and even Celts pass by and leave their marks! Besides the fact that until this day people from various roots live together here in peace, they all left and incredible heritage on this city of the 7 Hills. 

Portuguese are wonderful hosts but they were also great and fierce Discoverers. In the15th and 16th Centuries they left their footprint in Africa, Asia, Canada, Brazil, ....

Your own expedition begins as ours, here, by the riverside of the "Tejo".

Use your camera as a witness of this incredible city and its inhabitants, and write your own story. Lisbon light will be your best ally.


Lisbon in 5 top-points:

The Light of Lisbon, she’s also called the White City for its luminosity. Lisbon is certainly the European city where you’ll have the most incredible and original photographic experience through her so exceptional light. The definition of photography is Light.

The different perspectives, the city of seven hills. This feature allows different perspectives. During the tour you will discover a city from different angles. Lisbon is ideal for photos in low and high angle.

The river and the depth of field. The Tagus gives this city a great feature: the concept of infinity.

The Timelessness of the decor. The city itself seems to be a great decor; many places have remained intact, as if frozen in time. These are the places that we would like you to discover during our tour.

The plurality of its architecture. Lisbon is a city with a multi-faced architecture, where you can loose yourself in the small romantic streets inspired by northern Africa or standing in front of some futurist buildings that have been constructed for Lisbon's World Exposition in 1998.


by Pedro Pina Vasconcelos

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