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Lisbon Photographer photo tours are ideal for those who want to know the basics of photography and discover the nooks of the most charming areas of the city.

A specialist in photography will show you an original and intimate Lisbon experience through the lens of your camera.

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The origin of the project saw the light of the day about one year ago, in the mind of Pedro Pina Vasconcelos, LisbonPhotographer's Founder.

Pedro is a Portuguese Photographer, known for his transversal vision of photography. After a 8-year journey, where he worked around the world (New Zealand, South-East Asia, Spain, Germany, ...) he returned to his home-town Lisbon, a city where the light has always inspired his creations.

It is from the will of sharing his love for Lisbon and his Art that the "Lisbon Photographer" project was born.


What is a Lisbon Photographer's Atelier in 5 points ?

... as each Photographer and as each one of your photographs.
Our guides adapt to the unique needs of each one of its LisbonPhotographers.

The goal of our ateliers is to help you discover the Photography in you. 

The point of view...
Beyond the technical and artistic teachings our guides are all Lisbon lovers and they will be thrilled to share their Lisbon with you. 

The Human Side...
Photography is the solitary act that we share the most. The ateliers are limited to a maximum of 5 participants, so that we can have the calm, the dedication, and enough proximity to create.

The average duration of each workshop-tour is 3 hours. 

Lisbon Photographer is a community built around a common-life philosophy: Sharing and Respecting are its cornerstones. 

This is why the compensation of each Guide aims to provide her/him with a decent life comfort, and all our prices are thought as to be affordable for all Photography Lovers.

Each tour is also built with the aim to offer you an intimate Lisbon, very close to their inhabitants and life. 

We also have an eco-friendly engagement, so all our tours are made walking and we take care not to leave anything behind us.

In a natural way, we adapt to your needs and your ways. Even if Lisbon is no not the easiest (or at least a bit more sportive than usual) city in terms of accessibility for those with reduced mobility, we think it is quite important to change that a bit. Without any price change, our ateliers will naturally adapt to your specific needs.

Last, but not least... the first advice Lisbon Photographer has for you:
get geared-up before your photo-adventures: You will need good walking shoes, a charged camera battery, empty memory cards (or films!!), sun-protection, water, your notebook (a real book and pencil), and leave the most space in your backpack for good-humour and curiosity. 

by Pedro Pina Vasconcelos

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If you choose more than one language that you are comfortable with, we will have more dates available for you.

Please inform us of any special need/request.All the information sent will only be used by "LisbonPhotographer" for the purpose of booking and communication with you, and will not be shared or used for any advertising purpose. Thank you.

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